Friday, December 21, 2007

Catch up and I am a little stressed....

I made maple logs, chocolate chip meringues, and peppermint bon bon cookies a few weeks ago. (Meringues and Bon Bons are new recipes, not Mom's). They all tasted good, but they all did not look pretty. If they don't look pretty, then they just don't cut it. I tried to put the meringues through a star shape cake decorating tip. Note to self: make sure the tip is large enough so that the mini chocolate chips fit. Hence, mine were blobs. Easy fix though. Maple logs were very good, but geez were they ugly. I talked to Maura and she thinks Mom pushed them through a pastry bag. Mine had many different thicknesses and lengths. Easy fix I think.... The peppermint bon bons caused some ruckus in the house. I bought the peppermint candies and they were hard as a rock. I went to smoosh them and it did not happen to easily. MRC was going to get a hammer for me. Something does not seem right with this picture. I ended up putting them in my mini food processor. First ones were a little minced, but I got the hang of it.
Let's talk about the stress. I have waited until the weekend before Christmas to start baking because I was afraid everything would get stale. Freezing is not really an option since I have a side by side fridge and it is already packed. So, here I am. I am doing my last run for ingredients today and then Saturday and Sunday I will bake. No pressure here. Wish me luck!

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