Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Scandinavian Almond Bars have been created and the word is they were (key word) very good!! My official taste tester approved of them and I brought them in to work also. I, of course, was commenting on what I thought was wrong with them. It is in the genes.

I was procrastinating Sunday a.m. as I was nervous to start baking. You would have thought I was on the Food Network Challenge. Marcel entered the kitchen and started talking to me and I instructed him to leave promptly as "this baking thing requires my attention as I have to measure stuff!" I told him he would be allowed back in to test the end product. A few funny things to note:
  • Note to self: When putting the mixer fixture you want to use on the Kitchen Aid mixer there is a handy little button you press and the hardware comes right off from the mixer. No need to try to maneuver the bowl to fit around it. Also, another handy button is the one that lifts the mixer up and down. Lastly, if you put the mixer in "lock" position it will no longer sound like it is going to dance across your counter.
  • When you cannot find your rolling pin, a bottle of peppercorns is a suitable replacement.
  • Form into a 12" roll really means to roll out so the dough looks like a 12" log.
  • The note in my Mom's recipe that says flatten the dough to 2" means wide, not thick. Fat cookies take longer to bake. You should flatten with a roller, not your fingers. I had flattened with my fingers and was thinking, "Mom's cookies were always flat. They never had these ridges."
Test run successful. I think the only thing I will adjust is the amount of almond flavoring. This weekend I am going to try the Fudge Puddles and Maple Logs.

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