Sunday, November 18, 2007


My mother and I were extremely close. She was diagnosed with Stage IV breast and lung cancer in November 2005 that had metastasized to her brain. To say that family and friends were shocked is an understatement. We put our shock aside and did everything we could to help her. My Mom died on February 6, 2006 surrounded by my me, my husband, and my brother in her home.

A few weeks after her diagnosis, I know my Mom was stressed about the cookies. She was undergoing daily radiation treatments and very tired. Her will to live was very strong and never a peep out of her mouth about her devastating diagnosis. That is who she was. "Que sera sera" is what I heard her say so many times growing up. This was no different. I told her, "Just don't make the cookies this year." I can still vividly see the look on her face. There was not a response, but if looks could talk that one said, "Yeah, whatever." My Mom's neighbor and I decided we would attempt to make the cookies that year. Maura saved the cookie trays that year - not me. I made 4 cookies (easy ones that were not even part of Mom's recipes). Maura made many of Mom's. She did an awesome job on the trays!! Mom was very pleased.

Last year the cookie trays were not produced. It was a tough year and during the Holidays we were busy packing up Mom's home and getting ready for the sale of it. Need I say more.

For the past few months I have been thinking about the trays. My Aunt helped me sort through all of Mom's recipes. She must think I am crazy as I would not let her throw away one. Who cares if there are three copies of it. Her job was to organize! Being the wonderful person she is, she did as directed by her bossy niece. So now I have all of Mom's recipes organized. Time to dive into the cookie recipes. While going through one of the many boxes in my basement I came across "the Book". "The Book" contains a listing of the names of the cookies and how many made each year. I was sure I was doomed. 2002 had 12 different kinds of cookies and 95.5 dozen cookies. Yes, you read that correctly. NINETY FIVE AND A HALF DOZEN COOKIES. Deep breath... I knew I had big shoes (ha ha sorry Mom) to fill and wanted to succeed so I was thinking I would pick four types and that would be my goal for year one. After starting to organize what I need to do over the next few weeks I am stuck at around eight. Am I crazy??? I have never baked one of these cookies before. I better get practicing!!!

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